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The BBIC has developed its own telecommunications service in partnership with Phase 5 Communications at both the Cudworth & Wilthorpe sites utilising the latest fibre optic broadband.

Offered on standard monthly terms, tenant companies can order an external direct dial VoIP telephone line and 20Mbps fibre optic broadband for £25 + VAT per month*.

There are three additional options for those companies requiring both faster download & upload speeds.

Standard Broadband + Direct Dial Phone Line (20Mbps down/2Mbps up)

Superfast Broadband + Direct Dial Phone Line (80Mbps down/20Mbps up)

Ultrafast Broadband + Direct Dial Phone Line (100 to 300 Mbps down with matching up speeds )

Dedicated options starting from £250 for 100Mb


Our hope is that all new companies to the BBIC utilize the service with existing resident companies moving across over time. Although termination charges may apply, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of BBIC Telecoms versus an existing supplier.

IT support packages, some including phone & broadband are also available to give you the best possible value for money in keeping your ITC secure and reliable.

* - installation fee will apply + call charges


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